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TitleSchool Guidance Counselor
Posting ID114


                                                   POSITION DESCRIPTION



POSITION TITLE:    School Guidance Counselor



  • Teaching experience preferred.

  • School Counseling experience preferred.

  • Demonstrated success in mediation & relationship building.

  • Qualified to administer individual IQ tests. 

REPORTS TO:        Principal                   


OVERVIEW:  The school guidance program assists students in becoming responsible adults.  Career plans are developed, reviewed, and updated periodically in accordance with students’ post graduation educational and occupational goals.  Continuous attention is given to assisting students to develop competence in decision-making, career planning, working with others, and taking responsibility for their own behavior.




  1. Implement the guidance curriculum.

  2. Guide and counsel groups of individual students through the development of educational and career plans.

  3. Counsel small groups and individual students with problems.

  4. Consult with teachers, staff and parents regarding the developmental needs of students.

  5. Refer students with severe problems to appropriate community resources in consultation with their parents.

  6. Be a part of the Special Ed team by attending team meetings and doing the IQ testing.

  7. School test coordinator for Standardized Achievement Tests.

  8. Participate in the CARE team (elementary counselors).

  9. Supporting the overall district’s educational program through general consultation activities and committee work.

  10. Assist with the placement of students in appropriate career and educational settings.



  1. Attend all meetings and training sessions as directed.

  2. Assist administrators with the distribution and interpretation of standardized tests scores for students and parents.

  3. Facilitate informational evening sessions for parents regarding financial aid, Advanced Placement coursework, and college night.

  4. Attend IEP and 504 meetings according to caseload.

  5. Duties as assigned by building principal.

Shift TypeFull-Time
Salary Range$41,000 / Per Year
LocationWashington & Lee High School

Applications Accepted

Start Date06/10/2020